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Re: Update. Friday 27th June
by Anonymous
Tony, a man whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and am proud to call a friend. There is absolutely no better advice than all have given about remaining upbeat and positive and be sure that I am well qualified to empathise in this fact ! When you next assail your sawbones, do be sure to enquire about the modern (and sometimes still experimental) investigations/procedures that may be available and do not readily take no for an answer... my experience in this has turned my medicos right around from expressing very little interest in me as a person who simply exhibits nothing more than a series of 'aches and pains' into a diligently fascinated and helpful phalanx most interested in studying the unusual case of atypical 'Scheuermann's Disease' that has just been suggested as a diagnosis. In your case, there could be succour from personalised T-lymphocyte harvest/multiplication/retransfusion technologies, maybe some legs with liquid Nitrogen ablation therapy &/or (maybe wrong name here) microwave interferometry - in which microwaves are directed at tumour sites from lots of different angles, but only get 'hot enough' to kill cells where they are all simultaneously focused... all being somewhat less invasive treatments than is otherwise being considered here. Hope that you can make some headway with these (and other) bright ideas... Kindest regards, Angus GF/vienna1964
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