My chemo has been cancelled as it is now having no effect - in fact it could be making things worse. This is because the tumour on my liver is causing the liver to malfunction and produce too much of the things it should not and not enough of the things it should. The chemo could increase this malfunction.

One of the side effects of this is very low energy levels and extreme tiredness -worse than it has been in the past. To counteract this and try and pump some energy into me I am on a 14 day course of steroids. I am also going to be drinking raw goat's milk as it has been suggested that this may help. My sister-in-law breeds goats so we have a plentiful supply - the problem is she lives in Devon and we live in York!

Also during the next couple of weeks I will be going for a CT scan to see how much the tumours have increased. I then see the consultant again on 22nd April when he has these CT results to seee what the prognosis is from here.

Not really the best news but I still remain positive and trying to do as many things as we can. We are off to Norwich for Easter weekend to visit our sons and their families. After that we have several lunch and dinner invites plus we plan to spend a few days away in Llandudno doing the Little Trains of Wales, including the newly opened Welsh Highland Railway.