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Re: Re: Chemo will start 4th August
by Anonymous
Tony, so glad to hear your positivity. My mother has just been informed she has a somewhat similar condition - centred about the kidneys - and I have been trying to get her to cause her medics to try getting access to promising novel therapies - some of which I have already mentioned upon this blog. New information leads me to beleive that the very most exciting work being done in this field concerns 'granulocytes' which are the bodies own guardians against infections/cancers, but whose efficacy varies greatly amongst the general populace. Persons carrying the most effectively working granulocytes will virtually never contract a 'hard' cancer, or if they do, it will prove to be very short lived - whilst those with the least effective granulocytes will have no or little such protection. Here's the interesting thing, now... recent research has shown that the immune systems of those folks unfortunate to have the low-grade version of granulocyte appear to be able to have their systems 'primed' as it were by the injection (or similar) of another person's granulocytes - which will very often be sufficient to start the host manufacturing more 'potent' versions themselves, resulting in tumour reduction in a large number of cases and indeed full regression to the point of tumour destruction in another reasonably large number. I hope and trust that you will find the above information informative and useful and that you may manage to get the opportunity to 'test' this new treatment, if your medics can get it for you. Cheers mate, AngusGF
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