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Re: A good 3 weeks
by Ian064
Good to hear Tony that you had a better 3 weeks.This is the way it goes with Cancer treatment. Yes the trots are well named enough to give you the shits heh heh. I have found that Vitamin E ointtment and Celestone-M ointment are good for dry skin especially on the feet.Also known as Betamethasone Val ointment. I had a stem cell transplant for multiple Myeloma in 1997 and I still have dry skin problems.Soon after I had my transplant all the skin on my face and palm of my hands peeled.I looked like a creature from the black lagoon and I also lost my hair but once things settled down it grew back. I am amazed that you keep the site going with everything that is going on in your life.Keep your pecker up. Ian
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