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Re: Not Good News
by Anonymous
Tony, I’m writing this after reading your latest blog. Not good news. There’s not a lot I can say that’s not been said before really. I just want to say a few personal things really, mainly a big thank you for rescuing me from central IT all those years ago, you gave me a fantastic opportunity in Sales for which I will always be grateful. While working with you your infectious enthusiasm, your knowledge and your huge personality was always welcome and appreciated, I especially used to look forward to your duels with IT over SQUARES and BW. I have so many good memories from your reign over SBS, too many to mention here – what about the time you did your back in at that outdoor pursuits event we did as a team and I had to come and rescue you at breakfast time!! Also when you drove the mini bus on that warm summer evening round Coxwold, Crayke and Ampleforth, the round at the bar in Wass I seem to remember went a bit like this…”six pints of Timmy Taylors, two halves of lager please, oh, and a sticky toffee pudding for the driver!!” Brilliant! I’ve been following your blog since you first started it Tony and I thoroughly admire your attitude to your situation, I hope that attitude will remain for the rest of this year and beyond. Your problems make all mine put together seem totally insignificant. I wish you and your family even more courage, strength and determination over the coming months. Enjoy a beautiful British spring and relax into the summer. Take it easy boss. Jon G
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