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Re: Not Good News
by Martin J
Hi Tony, We have not meet but I am very sorry to hear your news. You have provided great pleasure and information to tens of thousands through your website and I'm sure every person who uses your site feels they know you in some little way. I have been interested in English non-league football for many years, particularly Stafford Rangers, but have lived in Scotland for 30 years. Since I discovered your site it has kept me in touch with what is going on in the non-league scene. The amount of information on the site is incredible. I have not seen Stafford Rangers lose for over 25 years. That is not because they have a fantastic team these days but because I have only seen 3 matches in recent times. A draw and a win at Workington and a win this season at Gateshead. We did communicate briefly, via email, in the autunm. I told you of someone I knew of who had been given 6 months to live, with Prostate Cancer, 15 years ago and who is still going strong. There is always hope, never ever give up. Best wishes to you and your family and keep fighting. The thoughts of thousands of 'friends' are with you. Best Wishes, Martin Jackman
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