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Re: Not Good News
by Anonymous
Hi Tony, So sorry to hear this heart-breaking news, I've been following your plight on this blog since you became ill, and I must admit I don't even know you, but had a lump in my throat then I read this latest update. I've been following this site for years and visit it daily, never before has so much information on non-league football been made avaliable for all to see, so accurate and upto date, it can surely never be repeated. I'm sure I've bored my non-league teams forum over the years with references to Tony Kempster this and Tony Kempster that, the reason being that no other website comes even close to yours. I wish you and your family peace over these next few months, we can't say much more, but the courage you've shown through all this is a lesson for us all. God bless. Steven Kershaw (Mossley fan)
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