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Re: Not Good News
by Anonymous
Dear Tony, I only came back into hearing about you, following a problem with the mailing list for your old lottery syndicate. So it was a shock to hear of the news on your blog, and to read it all in one batch from the beginning. I am so sorry to hear your news, but you are as ever the Tony who seemed to keep going in adversity, and I feel sure that you will continue to do so. We go back a few years you and I, to ... when was it? The early '90s to '97 I think - with the management team sitting in a row of 'pig pens' in the fancy new open-plan Market Information office. I was often thinking - what the hell is Tony doing on that spreadsheet? So now I know - it was the football scores! Actually - we go back further - to night shifts with the old IBM 450, when I used to correct your (rare) JCL errors and resubmit to avoid dragging you out on callout! And there were horse racing scores as well I suppose, for the CBF dinners - another fine area of sport that I'm sorry I know next to nothing about! But what I do know - is that I am happy to have worked alongside you, and got to know you, and your family. Remember the deliveries of bread buns and cakes? hmmm - sadly that's all gone away - but Penny will no doubt wish you well from her new abode in sunny Doncaster! As do I - wish you well. And thank you too for your friendship over the years. With warmest regards to you and your family, Mark
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