After a rest from the chemo pills to give my feet time to recover, I have now started again with them on a reduced dosage. I am now on 4 pills in the morning and 4 in the evening instead of 5.

I am also having to take 3 vitamin B6 pills 3 times a day. B6 is a vitamin that helps skin cells grow so are helping my feet get better as well.

We've managed to have several weekends away in  Liverpool, Buckinghamshire (for my brother's birthday) and Croydon (visiting our son and his family) and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

I've also been diagnosed with borderline diabetes. This is nothing to do with the cancer but is something people of my age and lifestyle seem to get. Because it's borderline, I am currently controlling it by diet (basically no sugar). However, I have to have a 3 monthly check up and if it worsens, I may have to take pills for that so increasing my daily pill count to more than the 17 that I am currently taking.

In myself, I am still feeling fine and we are looking forward to Christmas (with our sons and families) and New Year (with our friends).

Next update when there is more news.